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Summary and objectives



The ATRACT-AB project (Accompagner la TRAnsition du secteur culturel dans le Territoire transfrontalier Alzette-Belval) aims to support the ecological transition of the cultural sector in the Alzette-Belval region and to continue the cross-border cooperation of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022.


The aim is to create a sustainable, cross-border cultural programme that raises the environmental awareness of the local population and at the same time promotes structured cooperation between citizens and cultural actors.


This includes the development and provision of practical tools for environmentally friendly behaviour and the training of actors in the cultural sector using a toolbox designed to contribute to ecological and social change. The knowledge gained through a research programme on greening practices can be relevant to both the local and international scientific community.


A further focus is on strengthening regional cultural cooperation through networking, training of stakeholders and identifying and removing barriers to effective cooperation at artistic and institutional levels.


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