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Water is an important natural resource in our biosphere reserve.

According to climate projections, it can be assumed that winters will be wetter and summers drier. This, combined with higher air temperatures during the winter months, reduces the probability of snowfall and at the same time increases the risk of flooding. Snow will therefore no longer be available as a buffer reservoir. It is also expected that the number and intensity of heavy precipitation events will increase. Low water levels and dry seasons will be more pronounced. Seasonal fluctuations in precipitation will also pose major challenges for urban water management.

To raise awareness of the importance of rainwater harvesting amongst the community, we decided to partner up with Luxembourg-based artist and laureate for the «Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize» 2020, Hisae Ikenaga, to design a DIY rainwater collector that people can put on their balcony or in their garden.

We consulted the Water Management Administration, D’Emweltberodung Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l. (EBL) and the Formida centre for prototype development and have since run several workshops to test this DIY project.

To make the project accessible to all, we have produced a manual and a video tutorial for people to follow to make their own decorative rainwater collector at home.