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The core zone “Brucherbierg-Lalléngerbierg” in the centre of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere is one of the most spectacular core zones of the biosphere reserve, if only in terms of the views that can be enjoyed from this core zone.


Very popular as a local recreation area, with the inhabitants of the three municipalities, Esch, Schifflange and Kayl, on whose territory this protected area extends, the “Brucherbierg-Lalléngerbierg” offers not only beautiful viewpoints, but also a great variety of plant and animal biodiversity. Insects, lizards, bats and birds have found a home here after the end of open-cast mining, where they really feel at ease and thrive magnificently. Worth mentioning are also the approximately 500 different butterfly species that can be found in the core zone “Brucherbierg-Lalléngerbierg” from spring to autumn.


With its 282 hectares, this core zone is definitely not the largest in the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, but due to the large areas of dry grassland that have been preserved here, it is a very important refuge for ground-nesting birds such as the woodlark, tree pipit and yellowhammer. For their protection, it is important that during the breeding and residence phases of these birds in our biospheres, i.e. from March to September, the designated hiking and cycling trails remain respected and dogs taken by their owners into the core zone are kept on a leash.

© Photos: Marc Weis

Protection of the natural heritage

In order to protect the rare ground-nesting birds, the Nature Department has closed some “wild” hiking trails that have been trodden on the plateau of the “Brucherbierg-Lalléngerbierg” in recent years at the end of 2021.

However, visitors to the core zone of our biosphere will still have enough designated hiking trails and mountain bike routes to enjoy beautiful moments in the unique nature of the former open-cast mining area.

Signposted hiking trails include the Auto-pédestre Schifflange, the CFL hiking trails 25 (Kayl-Schifflange) and 25a (Esch/Alzette – Um Réimerwee) and the astronomical hiking trail “De Saturn”, which, starting at the Stade Jean Jacoby in Schifflange, not only leads across the high plateau, but also offers information panels where you might find out a lot about our solar system, the moon, asteroids and other celestial bodies.

Details about the hiking trails on the website of the Municipality of Schifflange

Above all, mountain bikers will enjoy the core zone “Brucherbierg-Lalléngerbierg”. The Red Rock Trail leads through this protected area. With a length of 36.5 kilometres and a difference in altitude of 1115 metres, it not only takes you through all the vegetation zones of the nature reserve, but also includes drops and jumps of varying degrees of difficulty.

More Information about the Mountainbike-Trail