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Pump It Up

The tenth Kabaischen on the Minett Trail is now bookable

The “Pump It Up” Kabaischen, designed by architects Philippe Nathan (2001 Architectes) and Nathalie Jacoby (NJOY), is another overnight accommodation option on the Minett Trail.

The special thing about this Kabaischen is that it is mobile. In theory, it can be set up anywhere in Esch and can therefore change location regularly. The Kabaischen is currently located in Ellergronn. In the oldest nature reserve of the Minett region, you can now relax in almost untouched nature after completing a stage of the 90-kilometre Minett Trail.

The Escher Kabaischen was designed to make it possible to discover all the diversity of the country’s second largest city. The main design challenge was to fit everything needed in a holiday home into the smallest possible space in the basement. This challenge was met by fitting a staircase, sitting area, kitchen and fully equipped bathroom into a space just 230 centimetres wide. The lower part of the Pump It Up is made of steel and aluminium. This makes it fully recyclable, which was one of the requirements of the Kabaisercher architecture competition organised by the PRO-SUD syndicate and the Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs Coseils (OAI).

Guests have more space on the first floor, where a maximum of 4 people can sleep under a large, well-lit dome. This makes the cabin not only futuristic but also innovative. The air-inflated dome uses air as a structural and insulating material.

Click on one of the photos below to book the latest Kabaischen from the Kabaisercher family on the Minett Trail.

Source: www.simpleviu.com