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Vélocité – de 2 à 4 roues

A Conference to Rethink Urban Mobility

Last week, the Municipality of Kayl and the Minett UNESCO Biosphere hosted a cycling conference entitled ‘Vélocité – de 2 à 4 roues’. The event brought together a diverse panel of experts and engaged citizens, providing a platform to reflect on the future of urban mobility in our region.

At the heart of the debates: The paradox of the decline of cycling

The conference highlighted a striking paradox: while cycling was once ubiquitous in our cities, its use has declined significantly in favour of the car. Speakers explored the reasons for this development, focusing in particular on car-centric urban planning and the complex relationships citizens have with their modes of transport.

The Ministry of Spatial Planning presented a key concept: the ‘15-minute city’. This urban planning approach aims to rethink our urban spaces so that people can reach essential services within 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle, thus promoting soft and sustainable mobility.

Concrete proposals for sustainable change

The engagement resulted in inspiring proposals. Among them, the creation of a regional cycling commission under the aegis of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve caught our interest. This initiative could play a crucial role in promoting and structuring actions in favour of cycling in the region. Participants also emphasised the importance of raising awareness of cycling among younger generations, seeing this approach as fundamental to achieving long-term behaviour change.

Towards a better connected cycle network

Our cycling network improvement project already plans the next step for the autumn. In collaboration with PRO-VELO and local citizens, a map of the ‘missing links’ in the regional cycling network will be presented to technicians and elected officials of the PRO-SUD municipalities. This approach aims to identify current gaps and propose concrete solutions to improve connectivity and safety for cyclists.

A promising momentum for soft mobility

This conference marks an important step in the reflection on urban mobility within the Minett UNESCO Biosphere. By bringing together experts, decision-makers and citizens in a constructive dialogue, it confirms that the bicycle could regain its central place in our daily journeys. The fruitful exchanges and proposed initiatives encourage us to continue promoting active mobility.