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Christian Weis new PRO-SUD president

On Monday 22 January, the committee of the PRO-SUD inter-municipal association met for the first meeting of 2024, in the presence of Christian Weis, Mayor of Esch-sur-Alzette, who has taken over his municipality’s post, vacant since the resignation of Georges Mischo in November.

On the agenda for this meeting were the election of a new member of the PRO-SUD bureau and the election of Georges Mischo’s successor to the presidency of PRO-SUD. Christian Weis, the only candidate for both positions, was unanimously elected by the committee members present as the new President of Syndicat PRO-SUD.

In addition to Christian Weis, Erny Muller (Vice-President), Anouk Boever-Thill and Guy Brecht remain members of the PRO-SUD bureau.

In his first statement after his election, Christian Weis thanked the members of the committee present for their trust. He emphasized that it is an honor for him to be at the head of the intermunicipal syndicate and that his aim will be to work, together with the representatives of the other member municipalities, for a sustainable and future-oriented development of the southern region in the interests of its municipalities and, above all, its residents.


Photos of Christian Weis

These photographs can be used to illustrate any article about Mr. Weis in the press.
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