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Mmmh… Minett! Honey from the Biosphere Reserve

The first Mmmh… Minett! product, Minetter Schof, was introduced in mid-August. The meat of the red Ardennes sheep, which migrate through the core zones of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere every year in order to actively counteract the overgrowth of the dry grasslands, is now sold in some CORA-supermarkets and at selected butchers. The Minetter Schof is also inspiring some chefs, so that it may appear on the menus of restaurants throughout the Grand Duchy in the coming weeks.

Mmmh… Minett! is not limited to just one product, however. In addition to the sheep meat, there is now also a honey produced in the core zones of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, which can be recognised by the Mmmh… Minett! packaging.


De Beiemann – Marcel Zoller, who has his approximately 50 combs in the nature protection zones and Natura 2000 areas around Differdange, not only gets an excellent natural product through the exclusive location of his bee colonies, this is now also recognisable as a product of the only biosphere reserve in Luxembourg.

The Mmmh… Minett! honey cannot be found in any supermarket or shop, but exclusively at the beekeeper’s stand at the weekly market in Esch, where he sells his honey on Fridays, and at the weekly market in Luxembourg City, where the Zoller family can be found with a stand on the Place de Paris already on Thursdays.