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Geopoetics in March

There are two geopoetic events scheduled for this March. The first is this week at the Museum at the Fish Market in Luxembourg City and the second is on the 25th of March in Dudelange.

Conference: Landschaft am Wandel – eng geopoetesch Vue op de Minett

Starting last week at the Musée national d’histoire et d’art Luxembourg (MNHA), you can see the exhibition “Edward Steichen (1879-1973). The Artist’s View.” The curators of this exhibition are the two artists Erwin Olaf and Hans op de Beeck.

The relationship between people and their natural environment and human impact on the appearance of the landscape are important themes in the works of the two artists from the exhibition.

These themes are of course universal and also quite present in Luxembourg. In connection with the new exhibition, Robert Weis and Sébastian Thiltges discuss the changes in the landscape in the Minett. This change will be discussed both from the writer’s point of view and from a literary angle. Lis Hausemer will lead through the conference “Landschaft am Wandel: eng geopoetesch Vue op de Minett”.

Author Robert Weis, together with Italian geopoet Davide Sapienza and the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, published the book “Rocklines – A geopoetic journey across the Minett UNESCO Biosphere” in 2022. Native of Dudelange, author and geologist Robert Weis knows the landscapes of the South in detail and can explain man’s interference with nature from the perspective of both the writer and the scientist.

The conference at MNHA will take place this Thursday, March 16th at 18h00. It will be in Luxembourgish, Admission is free. However, pre-registration is requested.

© Marc Weis

Naturalistic excursion: De mënschlechen Impakt op déi al Dagebaugebidder am Minett

If you want to experience geopoetics on site, you should keep the date of Saturday, March 25th in mind.

Josy Cungs, who already in the 1980s campaigned for the preservation of the old open-cast mining areas located close to the border with France, and Robert Weis will then invite you to a geopoetic exploration of the Haard nature reserve near Dudelange.

In the meantime, all former open-cast mining areas of the Minett are protected and form the core of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, which focuses on the coexistence between nature and man. This hike will illustrate how man has shaped and changed the landscape, but also how the landscape can shape and change man. In addition to natural history explanations, Robert Weis will also recite selected passages from the geopoetic travelogue “Rocklines – a geopoetic journey across the Minett UNESCO Biosphere.”

The free tour will start on Saturday, March 25 at 2:00 pm from the parking lot of the CNA in Dudelange and will last approximately 3 hours. Everyone interested in the nature of the Minett is welcome. Again, registration in advance is requested.

Geoepoetic travelogue “Rocklines” still available

If you do not have the time to attend one of the two geopoetic events, you can still discover the Luxembourg South from a geopoetic point of view by reading the book “Rocklines – a geopoetic journey across the Minett UNESCO Biosphere” by Davide S. Sapienza and Robert Weis.

The book was published in July 2022 by “éditions phi”. It can be ordered online or is available, in English or French, in any good bookstore throughout the country.