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Minell Workshops during summer

Our next MiNELL workshops for adults will focus on botany and flower art, edible plants found in the summer forest and botanical drawing. As always, these workshops are free of charge. All you have to do is register in advance.

6. July: Natural floristry in Schifflange

We will start with our workshop on natural floristry on Saturday 6 July.

During this activity, participants will receive an introduction to plant identification and an introduction to several species and families of wild plants.

There will also be explanations on how to use wildflowers for creative projects, such as designing bouquets with wildflowers or preserving plants for creative herbariums.

You can register for free here.


10. August: De Bësch schmaachen in Ellergronn

On Saturday 10 August, we are offering our popular “De Bësch schmaachen” activity.

Which plants can you find in the summer forest that you can eat?

How can you recognise these plants and what can you cook with them?

Answers to all these questions are provided by our expert, herbalist Christiane Laures.

Click here to taste the summer forest.


7. September: Nature studies in Ellergronn

On Saturday, 7 September, we invite you to the “Nature Studies” workshop.

Together with artist Ann-Kathrin Wirth, we will observe nature in Ellergronn and capture it in drawings.

We will learn techniques for drawing and painting nature outdoors.

You can find the free registration form here.