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13th UNESCO Youth Forum

We are pleased to announce that Mahmoud Hashoush, who completed a six-month internship at the Minett UNESCO Biosphere during the autumn and winter of 22/23, has been selected by UNESCO to participate in the 13th UNESCO Youth Forum, which will take place in Paris on 14-15 November 2023.

The Youth Forum is an essential part of UNESCO’s youth programme. Held every two years since 1999, it provides a space for young people to dialogue with each other and with UNESCO, and to share their enthusiasm and creativity.

It is a unique opportunity for young people to present not only their challenges, but also their ideas and solutions to Member States at the General Conference, UNESCO’s highest decision-making body.

At every stage, the UNESCO Youth Forum is designed by and for young people.

Why this Forum?

A recent United Nations study shows that 70% of young people feel they do not have enough space in public debates to express their concerns and ideas.

The UNESCO Youth Forum offers them this space: the opportunity to lead discussions and debates, and to formulate proposals for action that reflect the needs and concerns of young people today.

This year, the Forum will focus on the social impacts of climate change and the need to achieve equitable climate change.

It will take place on 14-15 November 2023 during the General Conference at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

About Mahmoud

Mahmoud is a young Lebanese scientist currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental and Soil Science and Technology in Milan, Italy. His research focuses on how environmental changes (whether man-made or natural) affect the health of ecosystems (and their components) and ultimately human health. He is also a passionate youth activist, with a strong belief in the energy of the younger generation and their ability to bring about positive social change.

Mahmoud has participated in the two youth forums organised by the Minett UNESCO Biosphere. In 2022, he attended the first edition of the forum that took place in Lasauvage and was so enthusiastic about Luxembourg and Minett UNESCO Biosphere that he spontaneously applied for an internship with us, which he completed at the end of last year.


During his internship, Mahmoud organised several workshops and activities to educate and raise awareness among young people about human-induced environmental change. In July, Mahmoud was back in Luxembourg to participate in the second edition of the Minett Biosphere Youth Forum, BeYouthSphere. During the forum, he led a workshop on ecosystem services, actively participated in the design of the awareness campaign created as part of the forum and was a guest on the 15th episode of Minett Mash-Up, the monthly podcast published by the Minett UNESCO Biosphere in collaboration with its partners IK-CNCI and MUAR (Musée vun der Aarbecht).

In this article, you’ll find out why Mahmoud believes that involving young people is an important element in the process of creating a more sustainable society.