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GO_A + DJ Mike MC

At the occasion of the UA Days


20/06/2024 18:30 - 18:30

Ukraininan electro-folk band Go_A gained a huge recognition at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 after placing 5th in grand finale, however public televotes placed them 2nd. The band has been actively touring worldwide since 2021 and became fairly known throughout Europe and the UK for their mesmerizing performances at major festivals such as Glastonbury, PinkPop, Pukklepop, AppelPop, PohodaFest, Europavox and many others.

Go_A was one of the first bands to achieve international recognition by performing in their native Ukrainian language on the Eurovision stage. The phenomenon of Go_A's music is that it enchants every listener, regardless of the language barrier. They debuted with their Eurovision single "SHUM," which entered the Billboard Global 200 at 158, making it the first song by an artist from Ukraine, as well as the first Ukrainian-language song, to reach the global charts. "SHUM" became an international phenomenon with over 100,000,000 streams worldwide, becoming the 17th Eurovision track to reach this mark and the 5th non-English-language track in the top. At the end of the 2021, GO_A won the Eurovision Awards in the category of “Most Innovative Stage Production” and won the Vision Music Awards hosted by Wiwibloggs in two nominations: “Most Memorable Staging” and “Best Use of Props”!

In 2023, Go_A had their longest tour yet, the Ukrainian Magic Tour, spanning 23 different countries and featuring approximately 40 exhilarating shows around Britain, Scandinavia, Balkans, Georgia and Turkey. Among these gigs were some significant dates - a sold-out show at a legendary club Paradiso in Amsterdam for over 1500 visitors, a show at the iconic Indigo at the O2 in London, Nalen in Stockholm and Roxy in Prague, as well as a couple more sold-out gigs in Dublin and Paris.

Go_A's performances seamlessly blend traditional musical instruments and percussion with modern and contemporary arrangements. Each performance is infused with Ukrainian folk tribal vibes, thanks to Kateryna's authentic yet folklore singing style, traditional musical instruments, percussion, and electronic sound.

 Support: DJ Mike MC

DJ Mike MC aka Mike Welter international DJ from Luxembourg, producer and rapper for more then 40 years in the 70s, the 80s and the 90s until today. Mike MC was resident at these clubs: Starlife, Metropolis, Atelier, Rollship, Blue Joke, Magic Trier and many more...