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“Kenns du de Minett?” released

 The board game about the Minett region for the whole family

The Minett has a unique story to tell: a deep-rooted history that deserves to be brought to the outside world.

With Esch2022 as the Capital of Culture and the Minett UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, there is an enormous opportunity to rethink the great challenges of our future and to create sustainable perspectives for our society in all areas of life. The syndicate of municipalities PRO-SUD, founded in 2003, and Esch2022 represent and live the values that emerge from our history and that are appreciated by the inhabitants of the region. The shared goals create synergies and a positive climate far beyond 2022.

The board game “Kenns du de Minett?” deals with the question if the Luxembourger knows the Minett area and how well the “Minettsdapp” thinks he knows the region he grew up in.

Everyone has been to Minett at some point; may be because they live here, because they went to school here, because they have family in the region or for completely different reasons. But how well do Luxembourgers know Minett? And how well does the Minetter think he knows his region?

Indeed, there is a lot to discover in this unique region with its 11 municipalities, over 150 nationalities, nature reserves and biotopes, cultural institutions, tourist facilities and much more. And above all, there are a number of places and stories that are not even known to the inhabitants of Minett.

The cooperation with magicmultimedia enables Esch2022 and PRO-SUD to communicate all this in a playful way. With the game “Kenns du de Minett?” the player should actively participate in the discovery of the Minett and feel encouraged to visit the different places and get acquainted with the history of the region.

“Kenns du de Minett?”, unlike the first 4 editions of the game “Wou läit…?”, does not cover the whole Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but focuses exclusively on the 11 PRO-SUD municipalities (Bettembourg, Differdange, Dudelange, Esch-Alzette, Käerjeng, Kayl-Tétange, Mondercange, Pétange, Rumelange, Schifflange and Sanem). The player can expect a great game evening with quiz questions and geoposition cards according to the pattern he knows from the magicmultimedia games.

An information brochure about Minett and 100 places waiting to be explored

The game contains 100 playing cards with 3 main focuses: Cities including towns and districts, nature and culture. The 50 quiz questions revolve around the themes of the biosphere reserve, history, nature, sports, culture and interesting facts about the region.

An information brochure provides the player with further information about the “Minett UNESCO Biosphere”, its municipalities and towns, the European Capital of Culture Esch2022 as well as exciting cultural and tourist sites in the region.


“Our region is very multifaceted and has enormous potential from a tourism perspective that needs to be activated.”

The idea to adapt the magicmultimedia concept to the Minett came from the two Minett experts Thierry Kruchten (Esch2022) and Yann Logelin (PRO-SUD).

“Many people don’t necessarily associate Minett to nature, for example. However, with the nature reserve “Haard – Hesselsbierg – Staebierg”, the largest contiguous nature reserve in Luxembourg is right on our doorstep, in our region,” says Yann Logelin.

“As a Minettdapp, you always think you know your region, which, as it turns out, is not always the case. I grew up not far from it, but before I started working on “Kenns du de Minett?”, I didn’t know the place “Dreckswiss”. You keep learning every day,” says Thierry Kruchten, who also emphasizes, “Our region is extremely multifaceted and has enormous potential from a tourism perspective that needs to be activated.”

The president of Esch2022 and the PRO-SUD syndicate of municipalities, Georges Mischo, adds, “The game “Kenns du de Minett?” shows that the European Capital of Culture project has set in motion a regional dynamic from which the entire region can continue to benefit in the years to come.”

The editing, texts and content concept were jointly written by Esch2022 and the PRO-SUD syndicate of municipalities. However, without the support of the 11 PRO-SUD municipalities, all of which are a part of Esch2022 and have provided further content and additional knowledge about their respective municipalities, the implementation of this game would not have been possible.

Useful information

The game in Luxembourgish is available now. It is an ideal gift for St. Nicholas or Christmas and is available in stores for €29.90. For a complete list of stores, click here.

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