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Minett Mash-Up: Lynn Jung X Belval


In this first month of the year, we get to know mega-cool and athletic freerunner Lynn Jung. We spend some cozy time with her at Café Dalmat, talking about her childhood at Belval and how Lynn turned her passion into a career. Even without any idea about parkour or freerunning you can enjoy this podcast, because you will get all the explanations you need.

Our “Minett Location” of the month

Uni Campus Belval Dalmat Coffee House


Our guest: Lynn Jung

The very talented Luxembourgish athlete Lynn Jung, aktiv. started her career very young. She started as a gymnast, then learned ballet and expressive dance, which enhanced her agility. Finally, Lynn Jung discovered her love for parkour and freerunning and turned it into a career.

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Our Quiz (Questions & Answers):

  1. Even before steel was produced on Belval, there was other industrial production on the site of the new district. Which one?

Interestingly, a mineral water spring, with high quality water, was discovered in Belval in 1868. From 1893, this mineral water was sold with great success in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

  1. In which year did the construction of the Belval Campus of the University of Lëtzebuerg start?

2009 with the Maison du Savoir, the central building of the university.

  1. How many blast furnaces were producing on the site of the Belval steelworks during the peak of Luxembourg steel industry?

Between 1965 and 1979, 6 blast furnaces were in operation here. These were then replaced by 3 larger and more efficient blast furnaces, one of which was sold to China in 1995.

Additional information upon Belval

Various topics mentionned in this episode:

  • Storm Freerun– a professional parkour/freerunner team in London
  • Luci Romberg an American professional freerunner who is Lynn’s role model
  • Mind the Gap – A documentary by RTL about Luxembourg freerunner Lynn Jung
  • Héichiewen um Belval – Individual or guided tours to Blast Furnace A
  • Gebléishal– The old blast hall of the steelworks, which is not used today, but for which the IK-CNCI is working out a concept for its reopening. 
  • Source Belval – The history of the mineral water of Belval. 
  • Esch2022 – The European Capital of Culture 2022, the opening is planned for 26.02.2022 
  • Urban Time Travel – A virtual reality bus tour developed for Esch2022 that will immerse residents and visitors in the history of Belval.
  • Café Dalmat – A local café in Belval, where this episode was recorded
  • Red Rock Climbing Center – Climbing center in the town of Soleuvre
  • Skatepark Diddeleng – A local skatepark open to the public in Dudelange


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