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Cross-border cooperation

On Monday 12 December 2022, political representatives of the PRO-SUD municipalities and the Pôle Métropolitain Frontalier Nord Lorrain (PMF) met in the large council chamber of the Esch City Hall for a joint meeting.

The objective of this meeting was to create a basis for cross-border cooperation, particularly in the field of mobility. A first step of PRO-SUD, the PMF and the GECT Alzette-Belval towards a cross-border cooperation was adopted last Friday by the European Commission. The French-Luxembourg border region has applied to participate in a pilot action on multi-level governance and cross-border strategies to be jointly developed. Following the evaluation by the European authorities, it was decided to accept this application. Hence, the GECT Alzette Belval, the PMF and PRO-SUD will be one of the five pilot cross-border regions to benefit from OECD support. The implementation of this pilot action will start with a kick-off meeting on 25 January 2023 in Brussels.

In addition to mobility, there is also potential for cross-border cooperation in other areas of the region. This is the case in the fields of culture, health and education. A further meeting to define and discuss the concrete steps of the cooperation has been agreed for the end of March 2023 in Longwy.