Minett Trail chalets

11 chalets and a 90-km trail through the municipalities of the biosphere reserve are currently being developed to encourage visitors to discover the region’s natural landscapes and industrial history in short and long hikes.

The entire project will be presented to the public in the form of a catalogue, a documentary and a travelling exhibition in 2022.

The beginnings of the project


Initially the idea of ORT-Sud was to establish a national hiking trail through the little-known but often spectacular landscapes of the South, including the former mines, that would gain international recognition.


The European Capital of Culture 2022 is expected to attract visitors during this crucial year for the region’s image. They will have to be accommodated, so the Minett Trail concept was elaborated to include accommodation for visitors of Esch 2022 and beyond.


Instead of building simple wood cabins along the trail, the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (OAI) was invited to join this ambitious and innovative project in order to make it worthy of a European Capital of Culture. The trail will also feature an artistic and socio-cultural programme to increase its attractiveness.


The sites for the chalets were chosen by the municipalities according to how feasible, original and functional they would be. The legislation on the conservation of natural and historical heritage was also taken into account.


The eleven selected sites are:


Pétange : un ancien wagon pour voyageurs des chemins de fer immobilisé au Fond-de-Gras à Pétange
Pétange: an old railway wagon at Fond-de-Gras
Käerjeng : l’ancienne «Lënger Schoul» à Linger
Käerjeng: the former Lënger Schoul in Linger
Schifflange: a project inside a former water basin
Mondercange : nouvelle construction à côté du centre culturel « Beim Nëssert » à Bergem
Mondercange: a new building next to the cultural centre Beim Nëssert in Bergem
Differdange: an old house in the industrial village Lasauvage
Bettembourg : aménagement de l’ancien portail d’entrée du Parc Merveilleux à Bettembourg
Bettembourg: the old entrance gate to Parc Merveilleux will be developed
Dudelange : gîte flottant sur un bassin d’eau près de la tour d’eau à Dudelange
Dudelange: a floating chalet on a water basin near the water tower
Kayl : réhabilitation d’une ancienne maison administrative des Mines à Tétange
Kayl: an old administrative mining house will be restored
Esch-sur-Alzette : des gîtes mobiles Pop-up sur le territoire de la ville
Esch-sur-Alzette: pop-up mobile chalets across the city
Sanem : construction nouvelle sur un ancien pavillon situé en face de la gare de l’arrêt Sanem/Lycée Belval
Sanem: a new project on a pavilion opposite Sanem/Lycée Belval station
Rumelange : réhabilitation de l’ancien « Polverhaus » Maison Gonner à Rumelange
Rumelange: the former Polverhaus will be restored


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PRO-SUD’s municipalities partnered up with Esch – European Capital of Culture 2022, ORT-Sud and the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (OAI) on this project.