Pavillon actif (accueil, mini-bar, mini-scène, conférences et/ou autres événements publics, préparation de la déconstruction-reconstruction…)

"Petite maison"


01/08/2022 - 31/10/2022

'La petite maison' (the small house) is presented as a place of creation, research, production and meeting located on the campus for the duration of the cultural year 2022, in collaboration with other places, around the theme of circularity. The house is intended to be small (+-100m2), designed by architects and engineers from, in cooperation with a series of local and international partners. The house will be ephemeral in nature and will be dismantled before the end of 2022, as it will be deconstructed and the parts moved for reuse or reassembled in whole or in part. The process project will be documented and the result disseminated. It is intended to work as far as possible with salvaged, second-hand, recycled or renewable materials and raw materials with a high potential for reuse. Beyond the story of the materials, the project will also serve to tell the ideas of partner projects, in order to reinforce the theme of a resilient architectural culture and circularity in a broad sense. During the summer, the house will be open to visitors. A programme around the issue of circularity will take place on site with meetings between the different actors, including some guest speakers. Other events, such as a second-hand materials fair, could take place there.

Text provided by the project partner