Musical « Den Neie Mineur »

Den neie Mineur


17/09/2022 18:30 - 18:30

For a number of years, the municipality of Kayl has been involved in redirecting the most important event regarding the memory of the region and its industrial past (St. Barbara's Day). School workshops were created a few years ago - always with the intention of conveying to young people from all walks of life what region they are living in, what its history is, what the experiences of the women and men who live there are, etc. To show the change in the notion of work, the shift towards 'Den neie Mineur', we will start from memory. The project will be divided into three distinct parts: - a musical at the national monument of the miners; - a graphic novel, among other things, elaborated with the SCRIPT of the Ministry of Education and the Zentrum fir politesch Bildung; - a theatre production for and with young people.

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