les affiches

Le mixeur


15/09/2022 16:00 - 18:00

Le mixeur is an ephemeral restaurant project in which all the elements are built with the residents of a territory. From the elaboration of the recipes to the layout of the restaurant, it becomes a collective creation and a place for exchange on the cuisine and the cultures that surround it. This restaurant installed in the Lommelshaff will be designed and set up during the workshops with local associations: making the stools, chairs, menus, and even the plates and tablecloths. Each element that takes shape will symbolise a part of the identity of this territory. During these moments, we will share our individual and collective stories about cooking: Who gave us this recipe? What is our favourite meal, where does it come from? But also, where do the ingredients I use come from and who grew or made them? In what position and with what tools do we eat?

Text provided by the project partner