Stand up Comedy

ECO-DESIGN - Le Village Pop-Up


24/08/2022 17:30 - 20:00

The project of the municipality of Mondercange and its partner Twist and Tweak revolves around an umbrella idea that we have called 'Pop-Up Village'. Pop-up refers to the sudden and ephemeral aspect of the installation and the term village is to be interpreted here as a place of encounter and participation. Within the framework of Esch2022, we have decided to honour our cultural centre 'Beim Nëssert' in Bergem by creating an extension. Our village consists of an outdoor area and an indoor area, which is the cultural centre itself. The indoor and outdoor activities complement each other and interact with one another. For example, the themes discussed during the academic sessions in the cultural centre are taken up during the workshops offered in the outdoor area. In concrete terms, we want to create a cultural headquarters which, within a few months, will serve as the nerve centre of our programme in the context of Esch2022.

Our Pop-Up Village will host a creators' market, academic sessions (around the themes of design, sustainable development, agriculture and permaculture), concerts, exhibitions, workshops, outdoor activities for young and old, etc. The ultimate goal is not only to entertain, but also to make our visitors aware of the themes addressed, which are in line with the vision of Esch2022.

Text provided by the project partner