Académie Internationale d'Improvisation de Dudelange: Concert final

Découvertes et créations autour de l’orgue


09/09/2022 18:15 - 20:00

Considered the largest and most spectacular musical instrument, the "king of instruments" is nevertheless one of the least known. This project will enable us to discover this instrument of many sizes and variations and the rich musical repertoire that is devoted to it. It is divided into three sub-projects aimed at different target audiences: 

Sub-project 2A: 'Kinnekskanner' and 'Lëtzebuerger Uergelstrooss' completed by the 'Orgelkids' project 

Aimed at children aged +/- 10 years and based on their natural curiosity, this project invites them to discover the workings of an organ with the help of the 'Orgelkids' kit in their classroom before discovering the Great Organ.  

Sub-project 2B: 'International Improvisation Academy Dudelange' 

This project invites students from higher conservatories to come and discover the very rich sound palette of the Dudelange organ during master classes. Improvisation, an act of spontaneous creation, is a major discipline in the study of the organ and in which the creation of sometimes unheard-of sound combinations is a major challenge.  

Sub-project 2C: 'European organ composition competition in Dudelange' 

This project is aimed at composer candidates from the European Union, who are invited to create a musical composition for solo organ and/or organ and electronic music, in which they have to deal with various characteristic elements of the Esch2022 area.

Text provided by the project partner