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A travelling podcast presented by the Minett UNESCO Biosphere in collaboration with the IK-CNCI and MUAR.



Every month, the Minett Mash-Up Podcast will take its listeners on a journey. In celebration of the Minett’s new UNESCO title, the podcasts hosts will travel to diverse and exciting natural and historical sites throughout the region and will uncover their background as well as the current and future initiatives occurring locally.


For this, the podcasters will be joined by interesting young guests with ties to the Minett or to the greater Luxembourg region. These guests will represent various professional branches and will share their experiences and current projects with the aim of inspiring other young people to follow similar paths and to entice them to become engaged in the diverse offerings within the Minett. The podcast invites all with an adventurous spirit to join us on this unique Minett discovery!



Episode 8: Sergio Carvalho + Pol Zimmermann X Heure Bleue



This episode of the podcast, the first of 3 special summer episodes, was recorded in the immediate vicinity of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere headquarters in Ellergronn. Ellergronn is not only one of the oldest nature reserves in Luxembourg, it is also part of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture.


The ” Heure Bleue ” installation, which was set up here jointly by the artist Dimitri Mallet and the architect Sergio Carvalho, is located on the grounds of the Ellergronn Nature Conservation Centre.


Sergio Carvalho himself was one of the two guests on this episode. The head of the Ellergronn Nature Conservation Centre, Pol Zimmermann, was the second. This episode was recorded in front of an audience and Pol Zimmermann then guided the Minett Mash-Up crew and their guests through the entire protected area.



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Episode 7: Lynn Theisen X Bremshaischen Téiteng



Lynn Theisen is a photographer. She draws her inspiration from her travels, the impressions she collects. Other sources of inspiration are people, sounds, colours and cultural influences. For Lynn, the interplay between light and colours in each image is very important. She has her studio at 1535° Creative Hub in Differdingen, where she settled after returning from her studies in Berlin.



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Episode 6: Sören Salvatore X Schëfflenger Brill



Sören Salvatore is a young ornithologist and science educator who works for the non-profit organization natur&ëmwelt. He is also a wildlife photographer and has his own podcast called “Un der Grenz”.



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Episode 5: Sven Fielitz X Ellergronn



Unlike the most of us, Sven Fielitz is a master of two trades and they couldn’t be more different. After starting out as a regular football player, the influence of other talented freestyle athletes, inspired Sven to take on Freestyle Football for himself and since has made it one of his two professions! As a freestyle footballer, Sven has competed in several international competitions and has also participated in several artistic collaborations. Along the way, Sven has always filmed himself and his freestyling, and during his studies, Sven’s career as a filmmaker took off organically. As a filmmaker, the young artist sets no limits for himself and produces many different videos, from weddings to events or even dance performances and promo videos for companies.




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Episode 4: Lynn Jung X Belval



In this first month of the year, we get to know mega-cool and athletic freerunner Lynn Jung. We spend some cozy time with her at Café Dalmat, talking about her childhood at Belval and how Lynn turned her passion into a career. Even without any idea about parkour or freerunning you can enjoy this podcast, because you will get all the explanations you need.



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Episode 3: Daniel Migliosi X Pomhouse




This month we travel to Dudelange to visit the beautifully redesigned CNA-Pomhouse. While there, we meet jazz trumpeter Daniel Migliosi, with whom we talk about his roots and his connection to the Minett.


Keywords: Italy, Russia and lots of bars! We also reveal some interesting facts about the national jazz scene, Dudelange and the “Haard” nature reserve.



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Episode 2: Lisa Junius X Gaalgebierg



In this episode we climb the Galgenberg in Esch to meet the talented artist Lisa Junius. We chat with her about her various creations and her close ties to the Minett. We will also test our historical knowledge of the Galgenberg!


Lisa Junius is a freelance artist based at the 1535° Creative Hub in Differdange. Lisa is involved in many different disciplines: Mural painting, printing, ceramics, stationery, jewellery, accessories, pins and even tarot cards!



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Episode 1: Introducing the crew



Welcome to Minett Mash-Up Podcast! In this first discovery show, the podcast team introduce themselves, give you details of the podcast concept and reveal what to expect. Each month you will gain the opportunity to join the podcasters at a special location within the Minett UNESCO Biosphere.



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