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Bats – goblins of the night

IFEN training for teaching staff from C4 and secondary schools


30/04/2024 14:00 - 17:00

Mammals that can fly at night? In Luxembourg, all 19 bat species are critically endangered. Why do bats have a negative reputation? Yet these creatures are very important bioindicators and are indispensable in our natural environment.

The first session is aimed at C4 and secondary school teachers, where the subject matter is presented in an age-appropriate way using technical and scientific aids. In addition, practical work/exercises are tested that can be used in the classroom (e.g. working with a microscope and ultrasound detector, instructions for building a bat house, …).

In the second and third part of the training, we will discover one of the most famous bat colonies in Luxembourg.

Modality: face-to-face teaching

The first part of the course (30/04 from 14.00-17.00) will take place in Ellergronn, the second part (& 18/06 from 20.30-23.00) in Bech-Kleinmacher.